Weeknotes – S07E32 – Taking Time Off


A bit of a lazy week on the paid editing front, but that’s okay. More work completed on the next novel than anticipated, but perhaps not as much on other writing projects as expected.



The subconscious crew came up with some really interesting ideas for the protagonist viewpoint, presentation and relationships for the next novel (number seven – Wizard) on the development list late the night before, so I added some notes to my very rough outline this evening.



I worked a bit on a new client project but quickly realised the book wasn’t ready for copy editing yet, so I sent the client a message explaining the problem.

I made more comments on the family history novel instead, and also started editing a new prison memoir for my regular client.

Later, I had more ideas about Wizard so I added more notes to the outline. It was evidently getting in my head, so I considered officially adding it to the task list for later in the week – though I really wanted to finish the robot stories (still not actually started yet) first.



I didn’t sleep well at all and decided trying to work on client projects would be a bad idea – and ended up deciding to take the rest of the week off paid work.

I added yet more notes to the Wizard outline and also wrote a review of a book I finished.



I wrote a review of a comic I finished the day before.



I recorded, edited and added music and captions to six new videos.

The process was very annoying in certain respects and very tedious in others – but I did it and I’m glad I did!

The editing and captions and stuff never would have been completed without CP’s focus session in the evening, though!


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