Weeknotes – S07E31 – Social Media Ate My Life


My own projects are still taking a back seat to my exploration of social media, which is fine for now – but I’m still getting a lot of paid work done!



Today I cracked on with a significant chunk of editing on the historical fantasy and also started developmental edits on a family history novel by a writer I met on retreat in June.

Later, I did some novella submissions.



I spent the morning working on the family history and the historical fantasy novels.

I also did some more submissions.



I carried on working on the family history and the historical fantasy for clients.

I also took a 1hr 39min audio recording and turned it into a really good, 53-minute podcast episode!

I finished a book and wrote my review.



More editing for the family history and the historical fantasy.

I also wrote a review of a game we played for the first time the night before, and went through the new issue of Writing Magazine to pick out potential submission opportunities.

Later, I posted Stanley’s next blog article and put together his fortnightly email newsletter, ready to send out the next day.



I finished editing the historical fantasy novel, which had a really fantastic conclusion, so I sent it back to the author with all my feedback. I also worked a bit more on providing comments for the family history.

Later, I finally got around to writing a blog post about my recent adventures on social media.

I also did some more work on the robot stories and wrote a synopsis for the historical fantasy client.



The subconscious crew came up with an idea for this month’s Writing Magazine Subscriber Spotlight overnight, so I started a first draft.

Later, I joined the focus session from CP’s Day Off – I finished and submitted my WM piece and did some more research about building Instagram followers.


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