Weeknotes – S07E18 – Hit and Miss


A bit hit-and-miss this week. Good progress on the paid work front (which is useful because I’ve got a lot scheduled for the rest of the month) but perhaps less so on my own writing projects.



I can’t believe it’s May already!

I checked my tracking spreadsheet and I’ve worked on my own writing projects on 98 days so far this year, and written nearly 75,000 words across all of them (including reviews, blog posts and freewriting, but still…). In 2022, I wrote less than 100,000 words over the course of the whole year, so I feel like I’ve achieved a lot so far in 2023!

Anyway, I started off this week’s progress with another Darkness scene – still progressing very well when I actually sit down and do it.

There were only four chapters left to edit of the 1980s novel, so I did one of those next, then the next section of the yoga novel. It felt like I’d been working on both of those for a very, very long time – but I was still enjoying both overall.

After lunch, I read and commented on another two chapters of the fantasy romance, which was also extremely fun. I was really enjoying it, but also felt like I had a lot to offer that would help the author improve it, which is always the best combination for a paid editing project!



I woke up with more thoughts about the fantasy romance novel so I added some notes to my report.

I was keen to get on with paid work, but not my own writing today – shouldn’t it be the other way around? I guess I should be grateful that a novel scene takes less than an hour, whereas I had 3-4 hours of paid work to do, so at least I was enthused about the stuff that was going to take longer.

I ‘ate the frog’ and got my novel scene done, then went back to editing the 1980s novel, the yoga novel and the fantasy romance novel. I also did developmental comments on another romance outline from an existing client.



Dave added a paragraph to our team story overnight, so I wrote my next one – so much fun!



I finished editing the 1980s novel and sent the last two chapters back to the author, along with the blurb I wrote.

I also read and commented on the next three chapters of the fantasy romance.



I added the next paragraph to our team story and also wrote a review of a book I finished.

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