Weeknotes – S07E19 – Flexibility is Awesome


This was a good week for utilising my flexible freelance schedule to my advantage – good progress on all fronts and exciting work opportunities booked for the summer!



We played a fun card game called Animalia, so I wrote my review.



I had a pretty full list of stuff to do today, which I knew would be interrupted by an outing fairly early in the morning. So I got up an hour earlier than usual and edited a section of the meta novel before going out. I really wanted to give up on writing any of my novel when I got back, but I made myself do it next and managed to complete the next scene pretty easily.

Next on the list was a revised version of a memoir I edited for one of my first ever paying clients, back in June 2021, so that was a nice project to come back to, almost two years later.

I did a few submissions to break up the paid work, then started editing another book from one of my most regular clients – the second volume of the prison officer memoir. My last client project of the day was commenting on the next few chapters of the fantasy romance, which rounded off a pretty varied day!



It was my day off but I woke up with thoughts about a couple of client projects, so I made the relevant comments/amendments.

I also started editing the latest podcast episode and wrote a review of an audiobook I finished the day before.



I got up early but didn’t manage to settle down to work until 8:30am. I really didn’t feel like working on the novel, but I stuck to my plan and wrote the next scene, which flowed pretty smoothly once I got going.

My client work for the day included starting the last section of the yoga novel, starting edits on a book about social skills development for kids, editing the next section of the meta novel and completing comments on the next two chapters of the fantasy romance.

I also finally got around to completing editing on the latest podcast episode, and did all my prep for the next one.



The opening hour of my regular ‘work’ days seems to be following a depressing pattern. I don’t want to write my novel and I think about not doing so. I remind myself that it won’t take that long to write a scene and I knuckle down to get on with it. It flows pretty easily and I get my required word count down in less than an hour.

I guess I should be happy that I’m mostly achieving what I want to achieve each day, and that I’m making good progress on the novel overall. But why can’t I start enjoying it a bit more?

Anyway, regardless, I got my Darkness scene done today.

I also edited more of the social skills book and made comments on a few more chapters of the fantasy romance.

During the morning, the wonderful Amie, who edits my novels, came to me with a proposal whereby I would take on an editing job she doesn’t have time for, in exchange for her editing Darkness for free (plus paying me some extra because her project is a lot more involved than mine) – so that was exciting!



I finished a book and wrote my review.


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