Weeknotes – S06E45 – Small Achievements are Still Achievements


A bit scattershot this week, though I did finish off all my paid client work and work on the novel just a little bit. And I also did my first paid author event!!



I finished off editing on both the elite predators book and the historical thriller, thus clearing my slate completely well before going away again at the weekend.



I got proofs through for an upcoming poetry anthology I’m a contributor for, so I checked my piece and my author bio and responded to confirm go-ahead.

I also did a submission, as one of the TL;DR writers posted something about an anthology call that sounded vaguely suitable for one of my stories that’s very tricky to place!



I submitted a complex application to a writing mentorship programme and collated a few Darkness notes.

I also did my first ever paid author event, as guest author for a Reading Retreat! Unfortunately, due to my husband testing positive for Covid this morning, it had to be over Zoom rather than in person, but it went about as well as could be expected, under the circumstances! Everyone laughed in all the right places, at least, and they seemed to enjoy the talk overall. I felt I perhaps rushed it a bit – and it would have been more conversational in person, but all things considered, I was very happy with it. And I sold two books!



I collated some more Darkness notes (still only doing the barest minimum each time I work on this – but at least it’s something!), helped Bear with a post about our Paris weekend, and wrote a review of an audiobook I finished earlier in the week.

I also dropped off the books requested by the attendees at my Zoom talk the previous evening and discovered they’d invited me to join them for a walk this afternoon, which was lovely, as it gave me a chance to talk to them properly in person.

And after not having to pitch for work for a couple of months (due to lots of lovely repeat clients), I hung out my sign on Upwork again and won a new project almost immediately!


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