Weeknotes – S06E46 – Disrupted Schedule


Disrupted schedule this week, but I won some new projects and also worked a bit on the novel.



Still in my tiny Airbnb hideaway in Norfolk for one more day!

I wrote a review of the book I finished the previous night and collated a few more Darkness notes.

Later, I finished a computer game I downloaded the week before and wrote my review.



I did a submission.



I did a couple more submissions.

I also helped Bear with his post about our recent trip to Norfolk.

Later, I wrote reviews of all the books I read while on retreat this week.

Even later, I edited this month’s episode of the podcast – in the nick of time, as it was due for release the next day!



I gave myself a bit of a motivational speech and collated some more Darkness notes.

As I knew I was still going to be away from home and on my own today, I signed up for one of Claire P’s workshops, which is always a good choice. It was fun to share a couple of hours with lovely people and write some interesting things.


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