Weeknotes – S06E19 – Finding My Groove


Another very productive week – I seem to have found my groove, at least temporarily! And I gained a lovely new paid editing client, who left me a glowing testimonial and promised me more work, which was nice.



Got to the cafe at 8:15am today!

I was all ready to get started on my comprehensive list, and then a reminder popped up that I needed to do my GYWO discussion post for the week. So, I did that first – admittedly, I tweaked an old one from 2018, rather than writing a new one, but that’s okay.

Then I edited the next section of the grandmother lessons book, before going back to the romantic suspense story to edit more of that. Next was the Vegas thriller, and then it was time for lunch.

Afterwards, I commented on some more chapters for the TL;DR writer, and did some more Legacy revisions.

Then, I finally got back to the prison autobiography, which I’d been neglecting a bit of late.



I started out by completing the editing on the romantic suspense story, then finished editing the grandmother lessons book.

I completed the next section of editing on the Vegas thriller, and commented on another couple of chapters for the TL;DR writer.

I did revisions to a few more Legacy scenes, then edited another chunk of the prison autobiography. And that was more than enough for one day!



I finished a book and wrote my review.



I spent the day at Picturehouse Central today.

I started with a new paid editing project – editing a really well-written short story from a new client.

A previous client asked me to proof and polish the content for his website, so I did that.

Then, I did some preparation for the upcoming NiaD project – sorting out my recipe and writing the accompanying prose piece.

The Vegas thriller author had sent me the penultimate section, so I started editing that after lunch.

Then, it was back to Legacy revisions, which were still going really well.

I managed to fit in another bit of editing on the prison autobiography, before my friend joined me for dinner.

Much later, the short story writer offered me an extra fee to review his amended version and comment on the new ending, which I did.

Very productive day, all round!



I was mostly having today off, but I had some inspiration during one of my meditation classes, so I wrote a few more notes for the nonfiction book project (everyone I’ve told about this project so far has been just as excited about it as I am, which is nice!).



I attended one of CP’s freewriting workshops. I was interested to see if nearly a month of writing morning pages would have an effect on my freewriting, and I think it has! My pen definitely moved more freely across the page and what I wrote was less self-conscious and more heartfelt. I worried less about the quality of the output and, ironically, I think what I wrote was better, as a result. It was a wonderful two hours, spent with two lovely ladies, whose company, insight and energy I very much enjoyed.

I also wrote reviews of two books and a film.


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