Weeknotes – S06E18 – Maximally Productive


Another very productive week. I had an extra ‘day off’ but ended up working on non-paid, non-novel projects on that day, so it ended up being really useful!



I had a lot of contact from potential new paid editing clients, and did a sample edit for one of them.

Later, I helped Bear with an overdue post about a geocaching trip he joined us on, a while back.

Later still, I DNF’d the book I was reading and wrote a review.



I made an early start, editing the next section of the prison autobiography, then did a paid sample edit of the first chapter of a historical novel and sent it back to the author for review.

I also edited the next section of the Vegas thriller.

After lunch, I joined the Revision Club call, caught up with folks for a bit, and then took the plunge and reviewed the very comprehensive comments one of the TL;DR writers had left on the opening to Legacy the day before. 

The feedback from the TL;DR writer was incredibly useful, and the support from the Revision Club crew was very welcome. I love my writing communities!

Once I’d finished revising the opening scenes of Legacy, I started looking at that same TL;DR writer’s novel, providing comments as reciprocation.



I tweaked the opening of Legacy a bit, after thinking some more about the feedback reviewed the day before.



I got to the cafe nice and early, but I was already behind schedule by the time I finished the first task on my list. This was a beautiful book of lessons the writer learned from her grandmother, and I really enjoyed working on it, but it did take longer than I anticipated.

I moved on to another new project, editing a romantic suspense story, which took less work than I anticipated! Then I edited the next section of the Vegas thriller, before moving on to the next chapters of the TL;DR writer’s novel.

By that time, I was pretty knackered, but I pressed on and revised the next couple of Legacy scenes, trying to keep on track.

After that, I finally got around to rewriting a piece of flash fiction I wanted to resubmit to a publication that had given me feedback on it. I then posted it to the TL;DR slack for feedback.



I had planned another full-on cafe writing/editing day, but I had a really late night the day before and didn’t get very much sleep, so I decided it would be better not to try and complete detail-oriented work on other people’s writing today!

I did do some Legacy revisions, and also wrote a review of the game we played the night before.

Later, I played with my Story Engine cards, to brainstorm ideas for a new short story. I also read through an old story and revised it a bit, to fit an upcoming submission opportunity.

So, I actually managed to do quite a lot in the end (I also finished off a long-delayed knitting project and an excellent audiobook)! It turns out, committing to a whole day in the cafe helps me be super productive. But so does giving myself permission not to be productive at all, and just going with whatever I feel like doing.



An awesome idea hit me the previous evening for another book (nonfiction), based on something one of my meditation teachers said.

I was still thinking about it today, so I jotted down some notes.

I also wrote some more notes for the new short story.



I did a couple of Legacy edits and also wrote some more notes for the newest (nonfiction) book project.

I also wrote a couple of reviews.


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