Weeknotes – S06E03 – Preparing a Query Pack


It was a very good week in terms of both paid work and personal writing projects. I feel like I made good progress on all fronts, but without actually having to work too hard!



A friend asked me to come over, so I shunted all my writing/editing tasks to later in the week, to spend the day with her.

One short article came through from a regular client, so I started looking at it before I went out, but it turned out he’d sent me the same one as last week, so I informed him of the error and went on my way!

Other clients who sent me stuff during the day were happy to wait until tomorrow for me to complete the work.



Big list of both personal and paid projects today, after having yesterday off.

I started with an article from a regular client (not the one who sent me the wrong one), then drafted the next scene of Machine.

Then I looked at this week’s extract from the allocated Revision Club writer, and made some notes, in preparation for the call this afternoon.

Next was editing the final chapter of the children’s fantasy novel, which felt very good to complete at long last (though I suspected there would be revisions to look at later).

After lunch, I took part in the weekly Revision Club call, which was awesome, as always. It’s so great to be part of a group of other writers, going through the same process and sharing our issues and obstacles. We critiqued one writer’s extract, then worked together for the rest of the session.

I edited two more articles for different, regular clients. Then, I started a new project, which had been delayed from the start of the year. It was to provide developmental feedback on a self-help book about confidence, and I’d been putting it off, due to a lack of confidence in my ability to provide valuable insight (oh, the irony!). But I completed the opening section in less time than I’d anticipated, while also managing to put together quite extensive notes about my reactions and ideas for potential improvements. So, that was a bit of a relief!



A short article came through from a regular client overnight, so I edited that.

Later, I had some more thoughts about the possible expansion of Machine, so I made some notes.



I wasn’t feeling very novelly today, so I focused on paid projects in the morning, working on the depression book, and the confidence book.

I had a Zoom call with someone Claire from CP’s Day Off put me in touch with, who wanted to talk about possible routes to publication for her non-fiction book. I was surprised that I was able to assist in terms of confirming her idea sounds good, what her next steps should be, and how to approach the timeframes and inevitable rejection.



Knowing I had the Revision Club Write-Along scheduled in the afternoon, I focused on paid editing in the morning, completed and submitted editing on the depression book, then wrote notes and comments for the next section of the confidence book.

After lunch, I logged into the Revision Club call and wrote the next scene for Machine.

I also polished up three GYWO discussion post articles and submitted them to Writing Magazine for consideration.



I finished a book late the night before, so I wrote my review.



We braved the outside world on Saturday night to go to the cinema, so I wrote my review of the film. I also helped Bear with a post about the soapstone carving we did on Saturday afternoon.

Then, after lunch, it was the Agent Letter & Synopsis workshop with the Revision Club crew! And it was great! We spent two hours working on the agent letters, which was tremendously useful. Then, during the break, I discovered an existing synopsis I’d evidently written last year, which only required slight tweaking. So, that was awesome! I submitted both letter and synopsis to the Revision Club group for critiquing on Tuesday.

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