Weeknotes – S02E06



A bit scattershot this week, but good progress on some projects.




I did today’s word at www.oneword.com




I continued my plan of getting back into writing slowly by doing a slightly longer piece from the day’s image prompt at Pobble 365.




I used Pobble 365 to provide a prompt for a brief piece of free writing.


My planned writing date with Hannah was initially a bit derailed because all four of my venue options in Vauxhall were failures. We finally ended up in Pret, which was fine.


I completed my reviews from last weekend’s glorious reading retreat, and managed to write the next scene of Shards. I have a clear vision from there to the end of the story, so felt pretty good about it.




I did a first draft of an article I intend to submit to Breathe Magazine about the benefits of reading retreats.




My short story, Moving Forward, was published on Page and Spine.


I did some research and planning for this month’s GYWO discussion post, and figured out a way I could submit to an interesting anthology by the end of the month, utilising a story whose rights reverted to me at the end of last year.




I met Geena at The Counter at The Delaunay, a lovely cafe I discovered earlier in the week.


Geena read the draft of my proposed Breathe article and gave me some really useful feedback on improving it.


I finished the first draft of Shards and posted it on Scribophile for critiques.


I wrote up the GYWO discussion post about debunking writing myths, which was a lot of fun, and I hope will be helpful to some of the newer writers in the community.


Geena and I brainstormed Colours, which resulted in some interesting new ideas on how to expand the backstory and widen the scope going forwards.


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