Weeknotes – S02E07



Not a huge amount of work done this week, but some exciting submissions completed, and everything kept ticking over nicely.




I helped Bear post his account of the Thorpeness reading retreat.


Then I formatted a story and submitted it to an upcoming anthology publication.




I did some Scribophile critiques to get Shards into the spotlight for faster feedback.


I also revised my proposed Breathe Magazine article and sent it to Dave for comments.


Then I used the Scribophile comments I’d received so far to amend Shards a bit.




I completed my article for Breathe Magazine and submitted it.


I amended Shards a bit more, based on other Scribophile critiques. Everyone liked it, but also said it could (and probably should) be expanded into a much longer story. I think they’re right, but I didn’t have time to do that before the anthology deadline, so I submitted it with only minor amendments. If it’s not successful, I’ll add it to my revisions list for more development at a later date.


Later, I typed up my reviews of two books and a film, all with a unifying theme.




I went through Writing Magazine and added the relevant publication opportunities to my spreadsheet. One of them fit my only unassigned short story really well, so I submitted that.


Then I did some brainstorming for Colours, based on Geena’s ideas from last weekend.


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