Weeknotes – S05E24 – Lots to do, lots to do!


I’ve intensified my schedule massively for the rest of June, in the hopes that I can then slacken off considerably in July and August. But the freelance editing work is building, which is great, but also stressful, since it’s getting harder to fit everything in!



I managed to drag another Safeguarding scene out of my brain, though it was tough going.

I finished an audiobook and wrote my review.

I also did some more proofreading of Spectrum, then decided to call it a day.



I finished a book and wrote my review.



There was still some faff and procrastination, but perhaps a little less than previously, before I finally got started on more Safeguarding scenes. I’d rejigged my schedule so that I could try and finish my draft by the end of the month, with the intention of possibly taking July off from thinking about novels. So, I did two scenes instead of one and it went pretty well overall.

Later, I got feedback on one of my Upwork projects and did some additional work to finish it off.

In the afternoon, I proofed some more of Spectrum.



My first TL;DR anthology author sent the final version of his story through so I reread it and scored it for possible inclusion in the anthology.



I started out with a new Safeguarding scene, then did a paid editing job, then went back to complete my second Safeguarding scene of the session.

Later, I started on the final week of the Freelance Bootcamp.



I started the day by writing down all the writing-related tasks I wanted to complete, in order of priority. I estimated it would add up to nine hours of work!

First came the easiest one – a short and simple developmental editing job from Upwork, which I completed in 20 minutes.

Then it was back to Safeguarding to write the next scene.

Next on the list was another paid editing project – my largest to date, which had come through the night before. I spaced out several sessions of working on this throughout the day, alternating with other things.

I did another Safeguarding scene and then stopped for lunch – just over three hours done!

I did a total of 3.75 on the big editing project, and also completed the Freelance Bootcamp, as well as doing the next block of proofing Spectrum.

Eight hours done – whew!

I decided I’d call it a day at that point, and take the whole of Monday off to relax.


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