Weeknotes – S05E25 – Perhaps Going a Bit Too Well


Don’t get me wrong – I’m incredibly proud of myself for how well I’m doing so far in building my paid editing business, I’m really enjoying the work, I’m getting great feedback, and I’m amazed at how quickly I’ve managed to make it a viable source of income. But – it’s perhaps going a little too well as I’ve had to work some pretty crazy hours this week to fit everything in. Still managing to work on my own fiction projects as well, though!



I was going to have today completely off (and I did have a lie in, a lazy morning getting ready to go out, and then a really wonderful brunch with a good friend I hadn’t seen in many months) but two potential editing clients contacted me overnight, asking for samples. So, I produced the required work when I got home in the afternoon – ah, the perennial pitfalls of being a freelancer!

Later, I decided to just carry on with the big editing job for a while, since I felt reasonably enthusiastic about it and wanted to make progress towards the first milestone.



I did another chunk of the big editing job and reached halfway, so I submitted what I’d done for my 50% milestone.



I was also going to take today completely off from writing projects, but inspiration hit during my meditation session so I made some notes for the next two Safeguarding scenes.

I also got assigned another TL;DR submission to score (with no feedback requested) so I read the story and added my score and notes to the spreadsheet.



I got an urgent paid editing job the night before so I got up early and completed that first thing.

Then I completed the next two Safeguarding scenes, based on my notes from the day before, and then I reviewed the lengthy and complex guidelines for judging a novel competition that I was in the process of being recruited for.

After lunch and a trip to the library, I attempted to settle in to complete a first draft of my story for the upcoming TL;DR anthology but it was hard going. I did manage to get a draft done in the end, though, which made me really happy.

Later, I got some feedback from a current editing client on my work to date, so I went through the comments and made some notes to help me keep to requirements more strictly in the second half of the project. Then I went back through the sections I’d already done and corrected the aspects she’d highlighted.



I did another chunk of my big editing project and it seemed to go a lot faster, moving into the second half of the manuscript.



I woke up really early so decided to get on with my editing work. I also got a request for a new and very urgent project, so I accepted and completed that.

Then I turned back to Safeguarding and drafted the next scene.

I spent the rest of the day completing the big editing job and submitting it back to the client, who immediately contacted me to discuss another big project!



My paid editing projects were piling up, and I still wanted to complete the next stages of both novels, as well as ensuring I could submit to the upcoming TL;DR anthology.

So, I made a comprehensive plan of everything I wanted to do, with estimated hours needed, and a list of all the deadlines. And I planned out exactly when I was going to work on each project in order to make sure everything would get done.

And then I decided to take the rest of the day off!

Until, I got home from a great day out and wrote a review.


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