Weeknotes – S05E12 – Progress on All Fronts


Lots more progress on the third novel, and even a draft of a new flash fiction piece as well, not to mention another podcast episode completed. Go, me!


The subconscious crew started the week with a ton of new ideas for Safeguarding, filling in small (and huge) holes in the plot, working out some tricky logistics for character travel and communication, and answering some difficult questions I had about how it was all going to work – so that was pretty awesome! I got out my index cards and made the relevant notes at the relevant points.

Then I did a couple of time-sensitive submissions.

I also wrote a first draft of an upcoming competition entry and read the first three chapters of a friend’s new novel, with a view to providing comments.


I had a chat with Hannah after work and then we did our usual focus session. I wrote a review of the audiobook I finished earlier in the day and then read a few more chapters of Hannah’s latest novel, which is the one I started yesterday.


The subconscious crew have really been earning their keep. They woke me up this morning (at a very reasonable 8:15am) with a few more great ideas for plugging holes in Safeguarding so I made some more notes on my index cards.

Once I was ready to sit down for my official scheduled writing session, I forged on with the next full new scene, which I actually really enjoyed writing.

Then I completed the script for the next podcast episode and tweaked my most recent flash fiction piece, readying it for entry into a competition.

Later, I carried on reading and commenting on Hannah’s novel.


The subconscious crew had yet more first-thing ideas for Safeguarding so I made some more notes on my index cards.


I revised and expanded the next scene of Safeguarding.

Then I edited the most recent episode of the podcast.


I read three more chapters of Hannah’s novel.


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