Weeknotes – S05E11 – Third Novel Well Underway


Good progress on the third novel, with some other bits and pieces thrown in – though I really want to dedicate some time to a new short story next week.



I broke my usual rule this morning and started out with several submissions and a Bear post, rather than Safeguarding.

But, in the second half of my focus session with Ann, I did go back to Safeguarding and add another new scene, though I realised towards the end that I’d forgotten to include a very major aspect of the story in the introductory sections, so the next task would have to be fixing that.



After work focus session with Hannah, who spent about half an hour trying to persuade me to submit Colours to some agents now I’ve got a publication history.  I decided it required more thought.

Once we got down to writing, I went back to my secondary narrative opening scenes in Safeguarding and sprinkled some magic!

I also did a couple of flash fiction submissions.



The subconscious crew kept coming to me with random bits of inspiration for Safeguarding throughout the day, so I kept adding new bits of information to my index cards at the relevant points.



After a couple of days completely off from writing, I started today with my monthly GYWO discussion post, then moved on to editing and expanding the next scene in Safeguarding. It didn’t end up being as long as I’d hoped but I decided not to force extra words in just for the sake of it. Once I have a first draft done, I can think about the length and where best to expand if necessary, with some help from my developmental editor.

I did a blog post and then edited a short piece for an upcoming submission opportunity.

Then I brainstormed an upcoming flash fiction competition with use of my random story grids and my customised tarot deck.

Later, I wrote a review of a book I didn’t finish.



I brainstormed a bit more with an idea the subconscious crew presented me with as I lay in bed this morning.

I also wrote a brief review of a film we watched the night before.


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