Weeknotes – S05E13 – Relinquishing the To-Do List


Lots of progress on lots of fronts this week, mostly fuelled by relinquishing the to-do list and trying to see my writing projects as things I want to spend time on, rather than obligations I have to get through before I can take time off. It worked really well, so hopefully I can maintain that attitude!



I wrote a three-Tweet-long story and posted it for the Mythic Picnic competition.

Then I started the next scene for Safeguarding.

Later, I read a few more chapters of Hannah’s novel.

I also wrote a new 100-word story for a micro-fiction competition and submitted it.



I made Hannah my accountability buddy and promised to finish the next Safeguarding scene during our focus session, which I did.

I also read another chapter of her novel.



Another random competition got posted on Hour of Writes, so I wrote a random set of words based loosely on the prompt, and submitted it. It’s been very hit and miss lately because the person who runs it is revamping the website and building up to properly relaunching the competition. So there are very few entries at the moment and no prize money, but she gave me some free credits and asked me to help with feedback on how the site works, so I’m happy to contribute.

Then, I started reading a novel written by the sister of one of Dave’s friends, who had asked me to take a look – and luckily it was awesome! I made some comments on the first 5000 words and sent them back to her, with a promise of more to come if she wanted me to carry on with it, which I would be very happy indeed to do – once I’ve finished reading Hannah’s.

Later, I did a couple of submissions.



I edited the next scene of Safeguarding.

I also read quite a bit more of Hannah’s novel.

Later, I reorganised my notes for the dragon story I came up with a while ago and then launched into a first draft, just to get over the hump of actually starting. And I ended up writing over 1500 words!



I finished reading Hannah’s novel and sent it back to her with my comments.

Later, I finished a book and wrote my review.


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