Weeknotes – S04E17 – Reflection and Revising


Lots of reflection on my relationship with writing this week, which brought some clarity but also more questions. More work to be done there, I think! In the meantime, though, I made quite a lot of progress this week, despite lack of motivation, and was very pleased with what I achieved.



I logged on to Charlie’s online UWR session and set a goal of starting the next column on my Colours editing spreadsheet, with an aim to complete three scenes, and I actually did five.

Then I spent most of the afternoon editing the next main podcast episode.



I did some freewriting, based on a prompt sent to me by Claire from CP’s Day Off, which was both fun and useful in exploring my current issues with writing fiction.

Then I went back to the Royal Election story and bashed out a few more words on that, even though I didn’t want to. And I actually finished a first draft!



I posted Royal Election to the TL;DR Slack and also to Scribophile, to get some feedback.

Then I carried on with my schedule for the GYWO 7 Days, 7 Stories challenge and revised another few scenes of Colours, though it was a bit of a desultory effort, all in all.



I did another freewriting exercise based on a prompt with Claire, which helped me to see that my writing isn’t an unwanted burden I drag around with me, but rather a source of opportunities that is always there when I need it, but doesn’t have to make me feel inadequate when I don’t interact with it for a while.



More freewriting from Claire’s challenging but fascinating prompts.

Today, I thought about giving myself a break from writing altogether for a while, but decided I really want to try and complete two of the stories I’m working on for deadlines at the end of the month.

So, I wrote a schedule for Charlie’s online UWR session for tomorrow, to try and knock those on the head.



I didn’t much feel like writing at all today and thought about going back to the plan of taking a break for a few days. But my blessings for the day were Loyalty, Steadfastness and Surprise. So, I decided to be loyal to my purpose, steadfast in carrying out my original plan, and hoped I might surprise myself – and I did!

I logged onto Charlie’s online UWR session with a state goal of getting two stories submission ready by the end of the morning.

I started with a rewrite of an old story to fit the requirements of an anthology call. Then I edited Royal Election, based on feedback from both TL;DR and Scribophile.

I finished both editing tasks with time to spare, so I took the opportunity to submit both stories and get them off my list. I felt very accomplished!


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