Weeknotes – S04E16 – Little and Often


I went with little and often this week, working on something to do with writing every day, and ended up feeling good about my progress, despite not actually having done all that much in absolute terms.



I helped Bear put together a photo story submission for a new online publication.



I wrote a couple of reviews.



I recorded the next interim podcast episode and helped Bear with his next Center Parcs post.



I had a virtual shared working session with my friend, Claire, who runs all sorts of fantastic groups and writing activities, during which I completed several submissions and edited the next interim podcast episode.

I also finished a book and wrote my review.



I did research for the next main podcast episode and typed up my notes.

I also put together my plan for the online writing retreat the next day.



I logged on to Charlie’s online UWR session and decided to revise my plan to just work on Colours for the whole day, since I felt I’d been neglecting it in recent weeks.

I put together a more concrete scheduling for completing the current round of revisions, aiming to be able to send it out for feedback at the end of May.

Then I cracked on with the next column in my editing spreadsheet and completed it.

I think I’d become paralysed by what seemed like a mammoth task of revising the whole novel and adding about 30,000 words to its length. But I realised while making my plan, that I can break it up into very manageable chunks, and also that I don’t have to make it perfect (or anywhere close to it) this time around. All I have to do is add and alter where required and try to expand it overall. Then, I’ll be sending it out for feedback and I can highlight particular areas of concern at that stage and get some additional external comments on how to improve it further.

This is just the second draft, after all! So, I ended the retreat feeling much better about Colours, and with a clear plan for further progress.



I finished a book and wrote my review.



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