Weeknotes – S04E15 – Everything Got Harder


Working on creative projects felt very hard this week. I tried to balance productivity with self-compassion and didn’t push myself very hard at all. I didn’t get very much done and struggled with feeling dissatisfied with my lack of achievement.

But, I still kept to my exercise routine, completed the most important writing tasks, wrote in my journal every day, played games with people online and took part in family book club. So, all in all, it was a pretty good week for activity, even if I didn’t progress my novel.



I wrote a review of a play we watched over the weekend.



I cut a piece of flash fiction by half to fit the requirements of a competition, added aspects to fit the theme, and submitted it, along with another couple of pieces to different publications.



I wrote two book reviews.



I did my GYWO post for the month, which proved very apropos because it was about the difficulties of starting a story, which is something I’ve been struggling with myself recently.



I scripted the next interim podcast episode. 



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