Weeknotes – S04E07 – Still Writing Every Day


Every day was a writing day again this week. I’m trying to write every day in February and it’s going pretty well so far! It’s not something I generally like to do as it quickly feels like writing is a chore, but every now and then I like to push myself.



Today, I headed to Hackney Picturehouse for a few hours before a meeting. Sadly, they had run out of my favourite tea flavour (there may be half a box left in the world in the Picturehouse Central Members’ Bar, but maybe not).

I started out by going through all my old flash fiction competition entries and creating a spreadsheet of which ones would be worth submitting elsewhere. This was an excellent way of feeling productive while putting off getting stuck back into editing Colours. But it was a useful exercise for future submission opportunities.

Later, I proofread another two chapters of Artisan and read some more of The Emotional Craft of Fiction.



I finished creating my flash fiction submissions list and identified some upcoming submissions to use them for. Then I actually submitted some!



I wrote my Fringe Guru review for the previous night’s Vaults show and also a review of a book I finished at lunchtime.

I also did a couple more submissions.

Later, I proofed the next two chapters of Artisan and finally actually got back to editing Colours.



I tracked my outstanding submissions and brainstormed ideas for some upcoming competitions.



I finished proofreading the last two chapters of Artisan and sent the manuscript back to the publisher.

I also did some more submissions.



I wrote a review for the book I finished the previous night. 



I reviewed the previous night’s theatre trip. I did some Scribophile critiques to restore my points total. I finally got around to doing lesson number 4 in the Neil Gaiman Masterclass.

Later, I went through all my unassigned stories and matched them to new submission opportunities in my rolling spreadsheet.


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