Weeknotes – S04E06 – Sometimes Every Day Works


I wrote (more or less) every day this week, and am feeling more positive about getting back into both longer and shorter projects again.



Final retreat day at Stickwick. I had to leave my room first thing, but the taxi wasn’t coming until 3pm, so plenty of time to get some stuff done. Plus, relocating to the dining room and a proper work setup motivated me towards better productivity.

I started out by typing up the last of the notes from my current projects notebook – which meant I could start a new notebook when I got home – hurrah!

Then I planned my writing tasks for my next scheduled writing date on Thursday.

I did a freewriting exercise based on an assigned task from the Start With This podcast.

Then I worked on expanding an existing short story to fit a competition with a longer word count.

After lunch, I went back to reading The Emotional Craft of Fiction for a bit, and also proofread another two chapters of Artisan before I left Stickwick.



I finished an audiobook and wrote the review.



I organised my unassigned stories and found new places to submit them, and also added a few new submission opportunities to my rolling spreadsheet.

Later, I read and offered comments on a friend’s short story.



Back in Wapping with Ann.

I started out with a review of a card game I’d played for the first time the night before, then proofread the next two chapters of Artisan.

I completed the amendments to Beneath the Tree and decided where to submit it, then rounded off my session with another Artisan chapter.



I wrote a couple of more extensive reviews than usual.



I wrote and submitted my Fringe Guru review for the show I saw at The Vaults the night before.



I wrote a couple of reviews and submitted a batch of stories for publication.

I recorded and edited the next interim podcast episode and did some planning for upcoming submission opportunities.


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