Weeknotes – S03E41 – Tailing Off


Not a lot of writing this week, despite a resolution to do more focused sessions. Ah well, there’s always next week!



I was due to meet Geena at Picturehouse Central at 1pm so I went in early with the intention of really getting on with tons of writing stuff that’s been languishing for a while.

I started out by writing my script and compiling my notes for the third main podcast episode, to be recorded in the evening.

Then I lost all focus and didn’t actually achieve anything else. Hey ho.



I edited the third main podcast episode, which we recorded the night before.



I got confirmation that my latest two drabbles have been accepted by Black Hare Press, so I wrote a couple more and submitted them.

I also signed up for the Space Swap Flash Exchange.



I did some competition and magazine submissions.


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