Weeknotes – S03E40 – Media Analysis for the Win!


Still largely podcast-focused, but I think that’s fine, since it’s a new and exciting project that I’m absolutely loving. Lots of reviews as well, since I read 4 books in less than 48 hours at a family reading retreat over the weekend.



I edited the second main episode of the podcast. I’m still surprised at how much I enjoy doing this, which is a really good thing as it’s probably the most time intensive part of the process and Dave’s not keen at all.



I finalised the second main podcast episode, then recorded and edited the next interim one.



Today I took myself to Picturehouse Central for my first proper writing session in a while. I started out by rereading and expanding a very old story, which I haven’t managed to find a home for, despite positive feedback from a few places. It seemed to fit an upcoming submission opportunity but was a bit too short, so I decided to see if I could add a few words here and there and also improve it a bit as I went along.

Then I wrote a blog post about word count and how story ideas generally have a size and shape they fit into.



I caught up on my reviews after an excellent family reading retreat weekend.


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