Weeknotes – S03E16 – Good Intentions


Lots of good intentions for lengthy writing sessions and really getting back into good habits this week. But I mostly just did my required work on the novels and called it quits.



I identified the ten scenes in Artisan that would most benefit from Hannah’s sharp editing pen and sent them to her for her attention.

After lunch I knuckled down to Artisan Chapter Thirteen and the next two scenes of Colours.

Later on, I did my first reader review for Six Month Novel.



I did my second SMN reader review and also wrote a review of a recent audiobook.



I went to a writing meetup at the British Library and completed revisions to Artisan Chapter Fourteen, as well as the next three scenes of Colours.



I took myself off to Hammersmith reasonably early in the day for a writing session.

I started by reviewing last night’s film choice, then moved on to Artisan Chapters Fifteen and Sixteen, and the next three scenes of Colours.

I wrote my second GYWO discussion post for the month.



I posted my GYWO discussion and wrote a review post about books I haven’t managed to finish recently.

Then I set out for an all-day Write And A Pint workshop near Moorgate. We did free-writing exercises and short fiction analysis in the morning, then private writing sessions in the afternoon. The morning generated some interesting short pieces and, in the afternoon, I took a look at my list of upcoming submission opportunities and started brainstorming ideas for some of them. It was great to get away from the novels but still focus on writing all day, as well as having the opportunity to meet and talk to other writers.



I finished this month’s Family Book Club book and wrote a review.

I also entered this week’s Fandom Weekly competition.

Then I helped Bear post about today’s trip to Waterbeach.


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