Weeknotes – S03E15 – Keeping to the Plan


I’m keeping up with the plan for both novels, but not much else. But that’s okay, as they are the most important projects at the moment and are taking a lot of energy.



I tried another writing day at home and started out with submissions, since that’s always much easier on a PC than a tablet.

I edited a friend’s short story.

I revised Chapter Nine of Artisan and did the next three scenes of Colours, to stay on track with the plan.



I went to Le Pain Quotidien after work and completed Chapter Ten of Artisan and the next two scenes of Colours.



A Writers’ Initiative meetup at the National Theatre got me up and out and working relatively early. I focused on my Artisan (Chapters Eleven and Twelve) and Colours (next three scenes) targets first, to achieve my aim for the week. Then I moved on to one of this month’s GYWO discussion posts.



I wrote two reviews.



I posted the first 1000 words of Colours for review by the other Six Month Novellers, and helped Bear with a post about his weekend activities.


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