Weeknotes – S03E17 – Novel Slogging


Mostly slogging away at the novels this week, plus some reviews. But there are short stories ideas percolating, which may turn into something soon.


A whole day at home to work on projects, so I set my sights high. I assigned myself Chapters Seventeen and Eighteen of Artisan and the next three scenes of Colours to complete before lunch and managed that in one session.

After lunch, I went through Dave’s five stories and copy-edited them, then posted the fanfiction on AO3, formatted the three original ones and sent him instructions for where to send them for consideration.

Then I went back through all ten weeks of prompts from The Common Weekly Writes and made notes on approaches to both short fiction and non-fiction essays.

I finished another book, so I wrote the review.



I met Hannah for a session after work and started out with Artisan Chapter Nineteen and the next three scenes of Colours.

I had a chat with Hannah about a new short story I’m working on and she had some great ideas for it.



Writing at home today. I started with a review of the film I watched over lunch.

Then I did Artisan Chapter Twenty and the next two scenes of Colours (which was starting to feel like a bit of a grind and a very repetitive Weeknotes entry!).



I wrote reviews of two other films I watched yesterday, and also a game we played on Wednesday.



I did a brief session at home, completing the next three scenes of Colours and working out what needed expanding for my longer session on Monday.



I did some organising and some planning and some submitting.


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