Weeknotes – S08E15 – Reading, Reading, Reading


I’m on a real reading kick at the moment – long may it continue! Some good paid work going on, and also progress on the novel too.



Two new client projects to start today – but, even more exciting, actually repeat clients! For both (action/adventure novel and interview skills book), I did the developmental editing and the clients have now come back to me for the copy editing stage, which is lovely. I’ve been working with the action/adventure author on this book for more than two years, and I was really looking forward to getting back into it.

I alternated the two client novels throughout the morning, and it was really fun. Even reading the action/adventure novel for the third time was really enjoyable, as I love the story and the characters and it was also great to see all the improvements the author had made, based on my feedback.

After lunch, I utilised a focus session to do some more revisions to my fifth novel, A Darkness Divided, write and post my GYWO discussion for the month, chip away a bit more at the book marketing courses I signed up for recently, and do some work on my current CIEP editing course.

I also carried on reading and making notes on The Secret History for my solo podcast project.

My tea dragon story got accepted by Wolfsinger for the anthology I wrote it for, which is always satisfying! I was also glad because it’s validation that I think it’s one of the best stories I’ve ever written – hurrah!



I spent the morning switching between editing the action novel and the interview book again.

After lunch, it was Revision Club, during which I revised another Darkness scene, went through the most recent edition of Writing Magazine and found 12 competitions and submission calls to add to my spreadsheet, and also put together a reader survey for book marketing and podcast episodes.

Late in the day, one of my earliest clients (from November 2021) got in touch out of the blue, asking me to edit his new book. I was very excited, since his first was one of my all-time favourite projects – but it turned out he couldn’t offer very much money (and my rates have doubled since last we were in touch). Apparently, though, my desire to read his new novel outweighed my business sense, so I agreed to take it on at less than half my standard rate – I love the fact that my current success means I can do this!



I finished two books and wrote my reviews – The Narrow Road Between Desires by Patrick Rothfuss and The Keeper of Stories by Sally Page.

I also read a lot more of The Secret History for the podcast.



I schlepped my massive laptop into town after breakfast and settled in at the Picturehouse Central cafe for the day.

I started with more editing of the action novel (and quickly felt a surge of intense gratitude that I have the opportunity to make my living reading books about secret underground Nazi bases, demon possession, magic plants and centuries-old spaceships…).

I also edited some more of the interview skills book, which wasn’t quite so exciting, but still a satisfying project.

I revised two more Darkness scenes and read a chunk more of The Secret History. I also did some brainstorming for another potential podcast episode about my five-star book reviews of the last five years.

Later, I decided to DNF Set My Heart to Five and wrote a brief review as to why.



I read a chunk more of The Secret History and kept writing my notes for the podcast.



I finished The Secret History and wrote some more notes. I’d been worried I might not be able to get through it in time to record the podcast episode on the planned schedule, but it only took me 12 days. I’m hoping my enthusiasm for the project won’t wane too soon!



I looked up some critiques of The Secret History, added to my notes and then went through the whole script to edit it, ready for recording.

I also did the initial prep for the next script – which is about Illuminae.

And I wrote a review of my latest completed book – Mr Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore.


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