Weeknotes – S08E16 – Do Less To Do More


I’m liking ‘taking a day off’ that turns into getting a ton of useful stuff done that usually slips off the bottom of the to-do list!



I finished editing the interview book and sent it back to the author for review and approval. I also edited a large chunk more of the action/adventure novel.

I also worked on the solo podcast project, adding to my Illuminae script and then starting the audiobook and making notes.



I edited a kids’ reflective journal for a new client, and started editing a queer romance novella for another editor I know. I also edited another chunk of the adventure novel.

In the Revision Club focus session after lunch, I wrote Stanley’s blogs and video scripts for May and also revised some more of my fifth novel, A Darkness Divided.



I finished the latest Stuart Turton book – The Last Murder at the End of the World – and wrote my review.



My regular blog client sent through a short story for me to edit, so I tackled that first.

I then decided to take a brief break from the adventure novel until next week and finished editing the queer romance novella instead.

After lunch, I was going to wimp out and just chill (after also rejigging my schedule to have tomorrow off) but Charlie from Urban Writers Retreat popped up for the focus session and kept me honest.

I revised a couple of Darkness scenes, posted a toilet review and also reviewed Harry Clarke, the excellent piece of theatre we saw the previous night.

I also posted my survey about books and reading on loads of different platforms and started the next book marketing course, which was all about getting more online book reviews.

Later, I went for a walk and listened to some more of Illuminae, which didn’t work out all that well because I had to keep stopping to make notes on my phone…



I decided to have today off – which is apparently code for ‘doing all the things but not feeling annoyed about it’!

I recorded and edited the next Resurrected Reviews Revisited episode of the podcast, recorded and edited Stanley’s Instagram videos for May and also recorded the latest main episode of the podcast, so it was a very productive day for audio/visual media!



I listened to a chunk more of Illuminae and wrote some more notes for the solo podcast series.

I also received my prompts for the 1k Word Herd competition from TL;DR Press. I wasn’t immediately inspired but I had a chat with Dave about possible approaches and came up with a concept I like – I just don’t have a plot!



More Illuminae, more podcast notes.

I also brainstormed my 1kwhc entry and wrote some notes on that.


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