Weeknotes – S07E39 – Productivity All Around


Pretty good week, all told. I did my usual freelance panic – oh no, all my paid projects are ending on Friday – oh wait, now I suddenly have three more! Also lots of – it’s fine if I don’t do anything productive today – okay, so now I want to do all the things!



I started my working day with a call to discuss a project with a prospective new client, then continued with editing the next few chapters of the thriller.

I wrote a review of a book I finished the day before.

And I also started reading a novel by a friend from university, who popped up out of the blue to ask for my feedback. I read and commented on the first chapter and sent it back.



I won the project for the new client yesterday, so I started today by editing the first chapter of his book about organisational transformation.

Then I focused on recording videos for Stanley’s Instagram feed.



As soon as I decided I didn’t have to do anything productive today, I immediately really wanted to do a ton of stuff… So, I did all the editing, captions and music for all Stanley’s Instagram videos for October.



I really knuckled down today and completed editing for several more chapters of the thriller and over half of a sci-fi novella I was assigned the day before.

Later, I started prepping for the next podcast episode.



I got my lovely little laptop back from the repair shop (after a week of using Dave’s dreaded Mac) but they hadn’t fixed it so I’m going to have to send it away again…

However, I did finish both the thriller and the novella and sent them back for review and approval by the authors. The thriller author immediately gave me a stellar testimonial and sent me another book to edit straight away, which was gratifying (and also a relief, because I’d finished all my current projects and didn’t have anything to work on next week…)!

I also wrote a review of a book I decided not to carry on with the day before.



I reviewed a card game we played for the first time the day before and also finished prepping for the next podcast episode.

Later, I also edited the most recent podcast episode.


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