Weeknotes – S07E40 – Paid Work is Easier


Not much progress on my own project this week, but still lots of great paid work going on, and more projects in the pipeline. It’s unsurprising that it’s much easier to motivate myself to to my paid work than my own stuff…



I did a sample edit for a prospective new client and also started editing the delightful children’s book by the author who wrote the thriller I finished editing last week.

I also did some submissions, picked some extracts from great books to study for descriptive writing analysis and started putting together a revision plan for Darkness.



I wrote a review of a comic book I finished the day before.



Today, I started two new paid projects from previous clients – a D&D artifact manual and a religious book.



I started my paid work for the day with the D&D manual, then edited some of the religious book and the children’s novel.

Later, Dave and I discussed his proposed programme of writing exercises to improve my descriptive skills and we came up with a format and a schedule – prompts on Wednesdays and analysis of other people’s books on Fridays.

I also got two more paid editing projects from previous clients, which always feels good!



My paid editing part of the day involved a couple of workshop descriptions, and then completing both the D&D manual and the religious book – so that was three projects completed and sent for approval. I also carried on editing the children’s novel, reaching the halfway point, so I got a lot of work done today!

Later, I had a video call interview with a prospective client.



I wrote a review of the film we went to see the night before.



I wrote a review of a book I finished the night before.

Later, Dave and I talked briefly about improving my website and trying to drive more sales of my books.


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