Weeknotes – S07E29 – Launching an Instagram Bear!


This was six-day writing/editing/project week, after four seven-day weeks in a row! I’m not sure how I’m doing this, but long may it continue (at least in enthusiasm and productivity, if not actual days).



I wanted to get a lot done today, so I sat at my desk like a proper worker bee… And it definitely helped me focus.

I edited the next blog article for my website client, as well as the next sections of Amie’s client novel and the historical fantasy. I also added developmental comments to the next few chapters of the paranormal detective novel.

I provided more information to Matador about publishing Meditations, and refined the list of tasks still left to do on the Stanley marketing plan.

I finished all my client work and most of my own project work for the day by lunchtime, which felt really good!

Later, I went through my client’s blog post again and answered some questions she had.



The subconscious crew woke up with some great ideas for Bride revisions and future Stanley social media content (after 7am too!), so I made some notes.

A previous editing client came back to me to ask if I could check the edits I had suggested were made to a pdf e-book, so I added that to my list and did it first.

Then I revised the next couple of Bride scenes, which was coming along a lot more easily and successfully than I’d thought it would, back when I was making my revision plan. 

After that, I moved on to my paid editing work for the day – Amie’s client novel, the paranormal detective novel and the historical fantasy. I was really enjoying all these books, which made me feel very lucky in my job!

I added captions to some of Stanley’s upcoming videos, too.

Later, I brainstormed ideas for my collection of robot stories.



I did some more work on Stanley’s marketing.

Later, I got the feedback on the Legacy query package back from Vicky and scanned through it, but didn’t look at it in any detail yet.



I lost a bit of time to Instagram this morning – I’m not gonna lie… After surviving many years without being sucked into social media, I’m now checking multiple sites every day – all in service to Stanley’s success, though!

Anyway, I did eventually set up my to-do list for the day (after also rejigging my entire work schedule yet again – I don’t seem to be able to stop messing with that…).

Client projects for the day were the same as earlier in the week – Amie’s client book, the historical fantasy and the paranormal detective novel – all great fun and I also feel like I was providing useful input on all three, which was good.

I decided to take the day off from my own projects, since I’d already done a lot of work on them this week.



I got back to Bride this morning and edited the next two scenes.

Then I did more work on my three client projects – Amie’s client novel, the historical fantasy and the paranormal detective novel.

I also started going through Vicky’s feedback on the Legacy query package in more detail and made some relevant amendments.



I did some more work on Stanley’s Instagram videos and wrote a review of a book I finished.



I re-recorded a couple of the Moomintroll videos, then added captions and music.


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