Weeknotes – S07E30 – Satisfied With Progress


I feel like I got a lot done this week, but without feeling overwhelmed or as if I had to spend more time on things than I wanted, which is good!



I wrote my reviews for Barbenheimer.

I also wrote a review of a book I decided to give up on.



Back to work after my day off and back to sitting at my desk like a proper worker.

I alternated client projects and my own.

I edited the next scene of Bride, then the next two chapters of Amie’s client novel, then more of the Legacy query package, then the next three chapters of the paranormal detective novel, then a short story for one of the TL;DR writers, then the next section of the historical fantasy.

It felt like a very productive day.



I had a bit of a late start today, as I actually slept past 8am! And then there was the Sewing Bee final to watch over breakfast…

When I did finally sit down at my desk, I worked on Legacy query package edits, Amie’s client novel, the paranormal detective novel, and some physical advertising for Stanley’s online family.



I started today by completing the revisions to the novella, Bride and Lover.

Then I concentrated on completing a couple of client projects – Amie’s client novel and the paranormal detective novel.

So lots of finishing off today!

I also edited the next section of the historical fantasy and made business cards for Stanley.



I went back and added captions to my earlier Stanley Instagram videos, for future use.

I also went through the opening scene of Legacy and added in a bit more emotional connection to the characters, before submitting it for a novel prize.

I did a couple of other submissions as well.

I got the typesetting proofs through from the Meditations publisher, so I reviewed and approved those.

I also created leaflets for physical marketing of Stanley’s online presence.



I managed to attend Claire’s focus session for the first time in a couple of weeks and I worked on new scripts for Stanley’s online content, which was fun.


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