Weeknotes – S07E28 – All Stanley All The Time


It was all Stanley all the time this week – though I did also get some paid editing work done and made some progress on my own projects. But Stanley the bear has now launched his online campaign to reach as many hearts as possible!



Back to work after a lovely and quite productive weekend.

I worked on Amie’s client book and the historical fantasy.

I also edited the next scene of Bride and did some more towards Stanley’s marketing plan.



The subconscious crew went wild with new ideas for Stanley’s Instagram content overnight, so I got up early and made a ton of notes.

Once I’d had breakfast and it was a more civilised time of day to start work, I edited the next two Bride scenes, then went back to editing Amie’s client novel. I also edited some more of the historical fantasy, as well as starting a developmental feedback project for a new client, commenting on his paranormal detective novel.

Later, I made some more notes for the book of robot short stories.



I found some new pictures of Stanley and added them into the file for Instagram posts as part of his marketing plan. I also created some scripts for his first Instagram videos and wrote a couple of blog posts for his site.



I worked on Stanley’s video content for a bit early on.

I spent most of the day in Picturehouse Central, but somehow couldn’t motivate myself to do any paid editing work – and I decided that it would be better to shift things around, rather than force myself when I wasn’t enthusiastic about it.

So instead, I carried on writing video scripts and blog posts, building up my collection of pre-prepared content until I had six weeks’ worth ready to post.



I sat at my desk like a proper worker today and worked on all three of my current client projects (Amie’s one, the historical fantasy and the paranormal detective novel) to make up for not doing any work yesterday.

I also made yet more notes on the Stanley Plan and moved several of the preparatory tasks forwards.

I also wrote reviews of the latest book I finished and a play we went to see the night before.



Today was the day Stanley launched his social media empire!

I did a ton more videos in the morning, then gave him a landing page for his newsletter on my site, uploaded his first blog and posted his first videos and pictures to Instagram!



I did yet more Stanley marketing – and also signed with Matador to get Meditations published! So, it’s all happening!


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