Weeknotes – S07E23 – Bookend Productivity


Good start and end to the week, but understandably disrupted in the middle – all good, though, with lots of great stuff planned for next week.



I got up late and faffed around for quite a while, mostly pitching for more paid editing work, as I had nothing on the docket for this week.

One of the TL;DR writers had posted some drabbles for feedback, so I read and commented on those.

I eventually managed to get round to writing the next Darkness scene, though it was tough to make myself do it.

My main plan for the rest of the day was to read a decent chunk of the book we’re discussing on the next podcast episode. So, in the afternoon, I went out for a long walk to the Starbucks at Enfield Cineworld and rewarded myself with a frappuccino, which I drank while reading and taking notes.



I still didn’t want to write any of my novel, but I wrote some of my novel.

I also wrote reviews for a comic I finished and a film we went to see the night before.



Everything got shifted around and disrupted by Dave’s surgery today, making me very glad I didn’t have any paid work to do this week.

I gave myself permission to let everything go and focus only on what was most important, which felt good.



I kept pitching for new paid editing work all week and secured three small but relatively high-paying jobs for next week, which was satisfying.



I won another, really interesting sounding paid project – actually writing stuff for once!

I also did a couple of submissions.



I did some brainstorming and planning for the new paid writing project and came up with some interesting ideas – it’s similar to a text-based RPG and seems like it should be a lot of fun.

In the evening I attended the second of CP’s Keep Writing sessions and used it to help Bear with a post about our lovely weekend in Cheltenham. I also made a happiness jar as part of the mindset course, and read some more information about the RPG client project, in preparation for starting the next day.


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