Weeknotes – S07E24 – Preparing for Retreat


I cleared the decks of all paid client work, and am looking forward to not pitching again until July. I also managed to make progress on the novel, setting myself up to be able to complete it on retreat by the end of June.



I was going to give myself more time off from the novel, but I ended up doing the next Darkness scene this morning anyway, so that felt good.

I did have new paid client projects to work on as well, though – copy editing an RPG magic tomes guide and providing developmental feedback on a book about diabetes. I also continued reading the guidelines and detailed information about creating the text-based RPG script, as well as thinking a bit more about my potential plot for it.

Later, I roped Dave into taking the ‘player’ role in the text RPG and we completed the first ‘step’ of the story, which was a lot of fun.

Later still, I edited a few additional sentences for a previous client and also proofread a piece of flash fiction of mine that’s due to be published soon.

So, all in all, a pretty productive day!



It was somehow a bit easier to get myself to write the next Darkness scene today, perhaps because the end is sort of, almost in sight now…

I worked on the diabetes client book, and a short e-book about sales techniques. I also worked more on the text RPG.

Later, I wrote my GYWO discussion post for the month, all about working with a professional editor – which is me!



We got into a conversation with the local pub quizmaster and it turns out he’s writing a novel! So we gave him my details for editing services and he seemed keen to read my novels, so you never know!



I wanted to get all my remaining client projects out of the way today, so I could relax and enjoy some time off while Dave is still recovering, and then go away next week with a completely clear slate.

I finished making comments on the diabetes book and sent it back for review and approval. I also did some copy editing on a tourist information book about Saudi Arabia.

Dave and I worked together on the text RPG and completed the first section, so I submitted that for review as well.

Later, I did a sample edit for a prospective new client, even though I was planning to take the rest of June off from paid editing work.



I finished editing the tourist book and sent it back for review and approval.

I also wrote a review of the chunky novel I finished the night before, and I did some submissions.

Later, I set the subconscious crew the task of percolating overnight about the next couple of Darkness scenes, asking them to give me some ideas at 9am the next day – and they immediately bombarded me with stuff! So I wrote some notes.



I got a paid editing job offer overnight and decided to just get on with it, even though it was the weekend.

I also completed all the submissions with a June deadline.

I got my reviewer feedback on the start of the text-based RPG project and thought the amount of work I would need to do to fulfil their requirements long-term would be too much to fit in around my other work, given the low rate of pay they were offering. So, I discussed the situation with the recruiter and ultimately decided not to carry on with the project.

Later, I read the first two chapters of a friend’s novel and encouraged him to write more (and pay me to edit it later!).



I did a sample edit for a potential new big client.

I also amended the podcast script to accommodate the two special guests we’re having for the next episode.

Later, I joined Claire P’s focus writing session and actually wrote the next Darkness scene – I was so glad of the external motivation, as otherwise I definitely wouldn’t have done it. I also wrote a long overdue blog post about writing Darkness.


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