Weeknotes – S06E41 – Bits and Pieces on Holiday


A week of game and book reviews, with a scattering of submissions, as I was away on holiday. Back to work and writing again next week!



I played a new game – Happy City – which was fun and easy to learn, but complicated enough to require some strategising, and wrote my review.



I did a couple of submissions.



I did another submission, as an exciting novella opportunity opened up.

I also played a new game, Guild Master, which was very fun – and I wrote my review.



I picked up The Shadow of the Wind from the reading retreat house last week and decided to read it over the course of the group holiday. It seemed very familiar when I started it, but it wasn’t in my reviews catalogue. After a few days, I decided to give up on it and wrote a review – then later discovered I’d actually read the sequel in 2010, which is probably why this one seemed familiar in some ways. According to my 2010 review, I didn’t like The Angel’s Game all that much either…



I dutifully went to the gym on my first day back home, after two whole weeks away, and finished an audiobook on the way back – A Better World by Marcus Sakey – so I wrote my review.



I organised all Bear’s holiday photos into themes and helped him post his first instalment of a planned four.


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