Weeknotes – S06E40 – Is A Writer Ever Really On Holiday?


There ended up being more to report this week than I expected, considering I’m on holiday!



I got some edits through on a short story of mine that is appearing in an upcoming anthology, so I reviewed and accepted those (one typo and lots of removed commas!).

I also wrote four reviews – of the books I finished in the first half of this week’s reading retreat.



I had an extended chat with an editor friend about some of the feedback I’ve got on Meditations and she came up with some excellent ideas about how to address it, which I made some notes on. I then didn’t sleep very well, because I was thinking about the book and had to talk sternly to myself about being on a reading retreat, not a writing one – working on Meditations can wait!



My semi-regular blog client popped up with a quick piece of work a couple of days ago, so I edited it in a cafe in Taunton this morning. I was just killing time between the two different parts of my holiday, so figured I might as well make a tenner!

I also wrote the reviews for the books I read in the second half of the reading retreat.



I played a new game and also finished another book the day before, so I wrote my reviews.


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