Weeknotes – S06E28 – Won’t Let Covid Get Me Down!


A much more productive week than I expected, considering I had Covid! I managed to get back to paid client work, post-holiday, and actually made at least some progress on both personal book projects!



A recent client had been through all my edits on his stories and had a few queries, so I read through the necessary material again and answered them.

I did some prep for the next podcast episode, watching some of the chosen TV show and making notes.

I also went through this month’s Writing Magazine and added some submission opportunities to my rolling spreadsheet, as well as completing a couple of submissions.



I went back to work today, more out of boredom than really being well – but it went okay. I started my two new projects – editing the next third of the ‘commercially unviable’ novel and also starting edits on a fictionalised family history.

I also promised myself I would at least do something on my own writing projects, so I wrote the next section of Meditations and started trying to compile some of the Darkness notes onto World Anvil.



I had a plan to get lots of work done, so I could complete all my current client projects by the end of next week, but I decided it was silly to push myself unnecessarily, so I rejigged the schedule to spread it all out a bit more to the end of the month.

I got a new short editing task from a previous client, so I did that first, then edited half of the last part of the romantic suspense story I’ve been working on for some time.

I added some more information about Darkness to World Anvil.

I also told myself I should do some more on Meditations and unexpectedly finished the rest of Chapter Four before lunch!

Later, I was inspired by my meditation class and started writing Chapter Five.



After a very productive day yesterday, I wasn’t feeling so great today, so I finished editing the romantic suspense story and submitted it for approval.

Then, I punted everything else to next week and decided to have the rest of the day and weekend off.



I did a sample edit for a potential client.



I wrote the rest of Meditations Chapter Five.

Later, while we were out (negative LFTs released us back into the world!), Dave and I briefly discussed Darkness and came up with a few new ideas, which I added to my notes.


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