Weeknotes – S06E29 – Post-Covid reset proves fatiguing


Post-Covid fatigue is definitely a thing! Still, I managed to get a reasonable amount done throughout the week.



I wrote some more Darkness notes, based on yesterday’s new idea.

Then I got back into paid editing work, doing more on both the novel and the family history.

I also wrote this month’s GYWO discussion post and started the final chapter of Meditations.

Very productive day! Definitely feel like I’ve finally got my groove back.



Despite a late night and the continuing heat, I settled down to work by 8:30am and continued editing both the novel and the family history.

Later, I found a partner for a co-authored dark fantasy short story submission call, so I used my Story Engine cards to create several potential ideas for us to work on.



I did a little more work on Meditations.



Back to paid editing work again – I edited the prequel to the romantic suspense story and did more on the novel.

I tweaked the chapter outline for Meditations a bit. I also had a chat with my dark fantasy co-author about our ideas and how to proceed.



I finished an audiobook and wrote my review.


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