Weeknotes – S07E43 – Must Try Harder

Summary: My work ethic has definitely taken a nose-dive again, despite external accountability strategies – must try harder!   Monday: I edited the next chapter of the spiritual book and also went through a submission package for a women’s fiction novel in detail. Dave and I also looked at extracts from another book to analyse […]

Productivity Through Letting Go

The brain is a weird – and sometimes quite annoying – thing… Lately, I’ve been struggling with motivation in terms of getting on with my personal creative projects. I haven’t done any knitting in months, I haven’t written a new short story since April, I’m only keeping up with podcast prep and Stanley’s online content […]

Weeknotes – S07E40 – Paid Work is Easier

Summary: Not much progress on my own project this week, but still lots of great paid work going on, and more projects in the pipeline. It’s unsurprising that it’s much easier to motivate myself to to my paid work than my own stuff…   Monday: I did a sample edit for a prospective new client […]

Weeknotes – S07E38 – Novel-tastic!

Summary: I feel really good about what I achieved this week, both on the paid front and the personal projects front (after a slot start to the week on my own writing) – lots of exciting stuff going on!   Monday: I had big plans to get through a big list of stuff today – […]

Seduced By The Shinies

I wrote the first draft of my fifth novel in the first half of 2023 (which I’m very proud of, since it was a slog and I had to keep forcing myself to work on it, but I’m really pleased with the eventual result).   I have useful comments from my wonderful editor, Amie, and […]

Weeknotes – S07E36 – Allowable Dip

Summary: Not a massively productive week this week, but that’s okay. I still got all the important things done! Plans to revitalise a better work ethic next week…   Monday: I cracked on with editing the prison memoir and also started editing a book from a new client – a horror thriller.   Tuesday: I […]