Weeknotes – S06E10 – Progress But Not On All Fronts


My tentative plan of doing less paid work, so I had more time to spend on my own writing didn’t work at all! (I think all my extra time was actually spent playing Grow: Song of the Evertree…) But I did complete two big paid projects during the week.



I didn’t go to the cafe today, partly because I had a prospective client meeting in the afternoon, and partly because I was trying to interact with other people less, to maximise my chances of being able to go on retreat next week!

But one of the Revision Club crew was planning to spend the whole day working on her novel, so we logged onto our Zoom call and acted as focus buddies for each other for a while, which was nice.

I started with a new proofreading project from a regular blog client, which came in over the weekend.

Then I wrote a review of the book I finished on Friday.

After that, it was back to editing the memoir and making comments on the adventure novel.

Initial feedback on Machine came through from my editor in the afternoon, so I read that and thought about all the things I need to change/develop/expand/improve…

I also read some more of the craft book.



I alternated editing chapters of the memoir and making comments on sections of the adventure novel, throughout the morning.

After lunch, I logged on for the still-weekly Revision Club catch-up and had a lovely chat with one of the group for a bit. Then, we both knuckled down for an hour – I went back to Machine and carried on proofing and tweaking for the upcoming novella submission opportunity.



I completed editing on the memoir and comments on the adventure novel, so sent them both back to their respective authors for review and approval.

I had two new paid projects to start, but was trying a new schedule of only working three days a week, so decided not going to get to work on those until Monday.


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