Weeknotes – S06E09 – Building Enthusiasm


I started to build my enthusiasm back up for working on my novels, but didn’t do much in the way of actual work. Paid editing was good, though, with lots of progress on chunky projects.



I went back and forth on the idea a bit, but eventually decided to spend the day at the cafe.

It was definitely good for my focus, and I enjoyed the food, but it was really cold!

Anyway, I edited the penultimate section of the romance novel, the next two chapters of the memoir, wrote notes on some more of the adventure novel, and wrote my third article for the copy editing blog client.

I wrote a couple of reviews and read some more of the craft book.

Then, after lunch, I started a new project, editing the opening of a dystopian murder mystery.

I also decided to get started on polishing up Machine, ready to submit it to an upcoming novella publication opportunity. I knew it would need a lot of work to turn into a viable novel (which I was planning to start looking at on the retreat in March), but I thought I might as well send it off for the novella call, since it was the right length, and that would require proofing and tweaking.



I finished editing the romance novel and sent it back to the author for review and approval – it was fun revisiting this project and seeing the almost-finished article, after working on it a lot last summer.

I edited the next two chapters of the memoir, then it was back to making notes on the adventure novel, and editing the next section of the dystopian mystery.

I edited two business articles for regular clients, interspersed with a lovely catch-up with some of the Revision Club crew.



A submission window opened up for a market I was interested in, so I submitted a short story.



I started with a sample edit for a potential new client, then made notes on the next section of the adventure novel.

I wrote a blog post about my future novel-writing plans and went through this month’s Writing Magazine for submission opportunities..

I also edited more of the memoir and the dystopian mystery.

I rounded off a full day by reading some more of the craft book.



I was only working in the morning today, so I finished editing the first 50 pages of the dystopian mystery and sent them back to the author for review.


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