Weeknotes – S05E30 – No Longer an Employee!


Transition week – my last day in my day-job was Friday, so now I’m free to pursue my new career in freelance editing, and hopefully get back to writing my own stuff (as well as having some time off)!



Last week of fitting paid editing jobs around the day job!

I had a lengthy list of stuff to do today, after spending most of the previous day lying on the sofa, watching TV.

I started out by uploading the next podcast episode, then I completed editing the next chapter of the children’s fantasy novel.

During the morning I got my first royalty statement from Fantastic Books Publishing, for my debut novel – 129 books sold, about half ebook and half paperback!

I completed editing on a booklet about successful wedding planning, and also did a short editing job on an application letter.

Later, I did my next scoring assignment for the Ink & Insights competition.



I completed editing a marketing report for a repeat client, who subsequently signed me up for weekly editing work for his business.

I also edited chapter ten out of twelve for the children’s fantasy novel, so the end was in sight on that one.

I was awarded three new projects on Upwork, one of which was to edit a couple of South African picture books about kids starting their own businesses, which was really fun, and might lead into a regular gig.

So, a productive day with some exciting new opportunities!



First thing, I completed editing on some battle cards and a client success story for my regular marketing client.

I also finished editing the children’s fantasy novel and sent it back to the client for review.



I used my focus session with Claire from CP’s Day Off to complete a new editing project on a low-calorie cookbook of dessert recipes, which made me very much look forward to lunch!

I took Dave to my new favourite cafe and we had lunch together, then I stayed on to work there for the afternoon, while he headed back home to more meetings.

My first task for the afternoon was giving feedback on a story to one of the TL;DR writers, something I haven’t been able to do for a while, because of having too much work to do. It was fun, and I’m glad I’ll be able to build that back into my schedule again now.

Then, I started a new Upwork project, editing a romantic suspense novel. I completed the first 10,000 words and sent it back to the author so she could give feedback on the level and type of editing required.



I did a sample edit for a prospective client and won the job to edit her travel memoir.


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