Organs of Donation

The lungs

Take in the air around us

And separate out life-giving oxygen

Sending it on into the blood

And releasing built-up carbon dioxide.

The lungs

Give us the action of breathing

A focus for meditation exercises

Providing perspective

On our privileged place in the world

The stomach

Takes in nourishment

And speeds it on its way throughout the body

Transforming it into those parts

That are helpful and those that are not.

The stomach

Reacts to images

Of injustice and cruelty in the world

Prompting us to take action

To help those who are in need.

The heart

Pumps all the blood

Around the vast network of veins in our body

Reaching every extremity

Keeping us going day by day.

The heart

Feels compassion for others

Makes us reach out to those far away from us

In corners of the world

That need warmth and love.

The brain

Receives vital messages

From every far-flung part of the body

Controlling each impulse

Enabling thought.

The brain

Reasons and analyses

Pinpointing the areas where help is most needed

Allowing us to figure out

Where best to send our aid.

The skin

Sheds itself constantly

In an endless cycle of renewal and regrowth

Holding everything together

Regulating heat.

The skin

Is a conduit

Allowing us to connect with other people

Touching their lives

Helping to make the world better.

These are the organs of donation.


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