She Loves Me

I watch her cooking Each movement precise and confident Concentration and grace Punctuated by joyous singing along to the radio I watch her entertaining Talking, laughing, making sure everyone’s glass is full The perfect hostess Queen of her domain and ruling with benevolence I watch her working The cute frown line forming between her eyebrows […]

On This Mountain

The slopes of your disdain rise before meRocks strewn about to trip me at every step You say I am worthlessThat I cannot stand on my own You push me down as I struggle to riseLaughing at my aspirations I will climb this mountain without your helpIn spite of your hindrance Under the blue skyEmbraced […]

Organs of Donation

The lungs Take in the air around us And separate out life-giving oxygen Sending it on into the blood And releasing built-up carbon dioxide. The lungs Give us the action of breathing A focus for meditation exercises Providing perspective On our privileged place in the world The stomach Takes in nourishment And speeds it on […]