She Loves Me

I watch her cooking Each movement precise and confident Concentration and grace Punctuated by joyous singing along to the radio I watch her entertaining Talking, laughing, making sure everyone’s glass is full The perfect hostess Queen of her domain and ruling with benevolence I watch her working The cute frown line forming between her eyebrows […]

On This Mountain

The slopes of your disdain rise before meRocks strewn about to trip me at every step You say I am worthlessThat I cannot stand on my own You push me down as I struggle to riseLaughing at my aspirations I will climb this mountain without your helpIn spite of your hindrance Under the blue skyEmbraced […]

Organs of Donation

The lungs Take in the air around us And separate out life-giving oxygen Sending it on into the blood And releasing built-up carbon dioxide. The lungs Give us the action of breathing A focus for meditation exercises Providing perspective On our privileged place in the world The stomach Takes in nourishment And speeds it on […]

From the Cold

I knew when the letter came that it was all over for me. I answered the door to a blank-faced man in an immaculate uniform.  He said my name, his voice toneless.  When I nodded, he handed me an envelope, then turned on his heel and walked away.   His appearance and manner told me […]

Who Are You?

Bubbles rising. Air, the stuff of life, escaping to the surface. I remain below, searching the depths for an answer. The water is murky, which feels appropriate, given my state of mind.  The currents swirl like my thoughts, threatening to spin me around and distract me from my purpose. But I know the wreck is […]