Weeknotes – S04E08 – More Daily Progress


I worked on writing projects every day this week again, but I’m calling a halt now and going back to my regular-ish scheduled sessions. Not a bad week overall, though.



I wrote my GYWO discussion post for the month.



I did some more submissions.



I wrote a review of a TV show we finished watching the previous night.



I met Ann in Wapping for my first proper writing session of the week, and started out with an extensive review of the book I finished the night before. Then I moved on to the script for the next main podcast episode. Later, I wrote a blog post about writing habits.



I finished an audiobook and wrote a review of it.

Then I did some formatting for upcoming submissions.



I took myself out to the new cafe at Enfield Library for a proper writing session. I started out by writing my review for the Vaults show I went to the previous night.

Then I collated all the feedback from the critiques I received on Stanley’s The One. I did some edits on it and wrote notes for a more thorough revision.

Later, I wrote a few more reviews.



I did a bunch of submissions.


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