Weeknotes – S04E05 – Finding My Way Back to Motivation


Fluctuating motivation this week. Some good intentions sent awry, but also a fair amount achieved, and a light at the end of the tunnel, leading the way back to some of my more challenging projects.



I wrote several reviews.



I edited two podcast episodes and made plans for my upcoming writing retreat.



Off to Stickwick Manor for another Urban Writers Retreat. I still wasn’t feeling massively motivated so I set modest goals for the weekend, giving myself the opportunity to feel appropriately productive, while still having the chance to chill out.

On the train, I wrote my first Fringe Guru review for the 2020 Vaults festival.

On arrival, I had a long chat with Charlie about my current motivation levels and dissatisfaction with my day job and came to the conclusion that break time was probably over and that my brain would likely welcome a decent work ethic with regard to my writing over the weekend.

But then I had a bad ulcer attack in the early evening and had to miss dinner, and ended up feeling quite fragile most of the weekend, so went back to my more modest plan.



Wrote in bed at Stickwick today – very self-indulgent!

I started out slow with the next two chapters of Artisan. And then completed two more later in the day.

I also wrote the next interim podcast script.

So, I completed everything I assigned myself for the day, but my list of tasks wasn’t very extensive.



Still at Stickwick, still in bed!

As with yesterday, I started with Artisan and proofread another four chapters in short order.

Then, I collated the feedback on Beneath the Tree and started formulating an editing plan.

After lunch, I typed up notes from my current project notebook and then read some more of my current craft book, The Emotional Craft of Fiction.

Later on, I reviewed my Colours editing plan and started thinking a bit about some of the bigger challenges for completing that.


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