Weeknotes – S04E04 – Just About Still Working


I’m still keeping up with the Artisan proofing, which is the most important thing, but everything else is pretty much falling by the wayside at the moment. Except the podcast, which is still really fun. I’m on writing retreat at the end of next week, so I suspect my output will increase a bit then, to move into February with a better work ethic.



I reviewed a game and a book.

Then I wrote a blog post about how I’m not doing much writing at the moment, and how that’s okay.



I wrote a review.



I wrote the next interim podcast script. Then I proofread the next four chapters of Artisan.



I finished a book and wrote the review.



I wrote my script for the next main podcast episode, which we recorded later in the day.

I also submitted a couple of stories for publication.


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