Weeknotes – S03E50 – Stop and Start


A bit of a struggle on the productivity front, but I did manage to get some good stuff done, even if I didn’t make progress on the bigger fiction projects.



I finished a book and wrote the review.



I wasn’t really feeling it on arrival at my writing date in Wapping with Ann. I think I put in a bit too much effort last week, and my brain was rebelling. So, I started slow with a couple of reviews, then went back to a competition entry that was due the next day and made the required amendments. Then I submitted the entry.

Then I decided I wouldn’t allow myself to go home until I’d written the next three scenes of Beneath the Tree as I didn’t want to lose impetus after doing so much on it last week. I managed two and then stalled, but decided to let myself off and not push too hard.



I edited some more of Sarah’s novel and wrote a list of all the tasks I wanted to complete over the weekend.



I started early with more of Sarah’s novel, along with some thoughts and ideas about how to approach several upcoming submissions. By the end of the day, I’d edited ten chapters of Sarah’s novel and written nothing of my own… I decided I needed a different plan for tomorrow.



I edited another chapter of Sarah’s novel before heading out for a solo writing session in Enfield, hoping that would help me focus more on my projects by being out of the flat..

Once ensconced in a cafe, I completed and submitted an entry for this week’s Reedsy Prompt competition, and looked over another story with a view to amending it to fit an upcoming submission. But I was finding it really difficult to focus on fiction, so I switched to easier tasks.

I wrote my December discussion post for GYWO and also some podcast scripts.


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